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I have got this question frequently.  Before IIS 8, you could host multiple sites needing SSL on a single IP address if the sites utilized the same SSL certificate or used a wildcard SSL. As you know wildcard SSL using for subdomains. Now you can use for per site a different SSL cert. I will not tell how to add SSL to IIS in this article. I will show how you can host different SSL on same IIS.

A wildcard certificate was only beneficial if you needed SSL on the subdomain level of a current site/domain.  But what if you had sites with different names?  Well, you could get a Subject Alternative Names (SAN) SSL certificate.  This SSL certificate would allow you to protect multiple sites with a single SSL certificate.  The last available option prior to IIS 8 required setting each additional SSL site on the same IP address but with a different SSL port number.  This would allow you to utilize each site’s/domain’s SSL on the same IP address as another site.  By default, SSL certificates utilize port 443 for secure communication.  This port doesn’t need to be specified in the URL since this is the standard port.  When you use a different port number for SSL you will be required to add the non-standard SSL port number in the URL in order for it to work.  As you can imagine, this is not the way you want to run a public site.  How would a user know to enter the port number and it’s not a common step that users are familiar with doing when browsing a site.

1 – You need to open IIS Manager.

2 – Go to your site, right click and click to Edit Bindings.

3 – Choose Type https.

4 – Just click to“Require Server Name Indication” 










5 – Select your SSL certificateOK.

6 – Thats It! Enjoy with SSL =)

Have a good day.