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Windows Server 2016 – Data Deduplication

Hello everyone,

The role Data Deduplication has released with Windows Server 2012 and continue inside our life with Windows Server 2016.

Data Deduplication: As same as logical the data has a copy on disk, using just one copy and linked mechanism.

We use the big sized data on this days and disk technologies have regard to this situation. With big sized data, we getting new problems in processing, backup, recovery, and storing. You can review the figure at the top.

A lot of backup and storage systems are using the deduplication mechanism. So, what is the key features the Data Deduplication on Windows Server 2016?

  • Supporting at volume level
  • Using at NTFS
  • Can be used with Nano Server
  • Provide support until 1 TB for per file
  • Working with DPM
  • Supporting max 64 TB sized disk
  • Can be managed with PowerShell

Here are the non-support features :

  • Not working on Boot and System volumes
  • Not supporting encrypted files
  • Not supporting Failover Cluster

Let’s install that feature and configure.

The first step open Server Manager and click to Add Roles and Features

Continue with Role-based or feature-based installation.

Select your target server.

Select Data Deduplication under File and Storage Services Role.

Confirm installation and click to Install button.

After completing the installation open Server Manager and click to File and Storage Services in the left pane.

Right-click on which volume you will use this feature and click to Configure Data Deduplication.


You will see as Disabled by default. You can choose a purpose for which purpose you will use.

General Purpose File Server: It’s using the general processes like file sharing or storing data.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Server: It’s using for VDI situations.

Virtualized Backup Server: It’s using for Volume Shadow Service and Virtual Backup servers.


Click on Set Deduplication Schedule button and create your self-schedule.

It will work at this times by you has set schedule. If your data size is over Terabyte’s you need to wait a few hour for the first process. It’s depending on your hard disks speed. You can review from the console the performance as the shown figure.


Hope to work for you as well. Have a good day.